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(Warning: Oil painters and watercolorists don’t zone out when you start reading!)

So, a new thing, we’ve decided to do an online poll/survey for what you’d like to see for our February 19th free demonstration being put on by Golden Acrylics company. One of the possible topics is an in-depth demo on varnishing, so if you only work in oils, this is the one possible topic that pertains to you since it covers varnishing oils as well as acrylic paintings. Another possible topic is using acrylics for watercolor techniques, so that may interest watercolorists.

If you can’t make the February 19, 1-3 p.m. time, please don’t vote, there is a limit on the number of votes. (There will be other opportunities!)

Here’s the survey link:

There are a number of ideas in the survey, plus there is the opportunity to add your own idea if you really want to see something covered (Golden-related) that is not in the list.

And if you want just a general overview of acrylics, we will be having a “regular” Golden demo sometime after February (which we’ve done previously) covering acrylic painting, mediums, gels, etc.

Oh, and the survey ends late on January 22, that is, Saturday next week. But vote before you forget!

And, yes, I’ll still be e-mailing next week a few days before the printing demo with more details.

Quick Joke:
A man walks into a bar and he asks the bartender for a beer. All of a sudden he notices Vincent Van Gogh a few seats over. The man asks, “Do you wanna beer too, buddy?” and Van Gogh replies, “No thanks, I’ve got one ear!”
(Gag! Horrible, right?)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Andrew T. Lenz, Jr.

** Peter Lenz, 1997-2010. Race in Peace, Peter. (PeterLenz.org) **

Lenz Arts
142 River Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 423-1935


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