This Saturday, February 19, from 1-3 p.m., Lenz Arts will be hosting our FREE Golden Acrylics “HOW TO USE ACRYLICS AS WATERCOLORS” demo.  Manufacturer representative and artist and all-around nice person Nina Deckert will be our presenter for this month.  Aside from the given topic, Nina will be happy to also answer general acrylics questions.

As with every demo, we’ll have a bunch of awesome “One Day Only” sales.  And there will be a free raffle for a prize and free samples for attendees.

Unless you have a difficult time walking (not enough Advil after playing football?), please  park in the lawyers’ office lot across the street from Lenz Arts on N. Pacific Ave, or in  the William Kelly Business Plaza lot diagonal across  the intersection from Lenz Arts on River St.  Both businesses are closed on the weekends and this frees up space in our lot  for customers who are not attending the demo.  We’ll  hold your seat if you forget and have  to go out and move your car.  Thank you!

I read in the paper this morning that Borders Bookstore downtown will be closing. It’s always a bit scary to see any big store close in Santa Cruz, though I’m sure Bookshop Santa Cruz and Logos will be happy to see it go. At least we’re hanging onto our local independents which are facing the challenges of Amazon, etc.  People have a perception that it’s always cheaper online, but there are definitely times where you can find items locally for the same price or even less.  People sometimes forget that going online or elsewhere to purchase items does have an impact on a local economy.  For instance, good luck trying to find a camera shop in our area.  If we don’t support our local independents, we may eventually find ourselves without any.  Something to mulch a bit for our future purchases.

On to fun stuff…

Pastels! Pastels! Pastels! Need to stock up on pastels? Now is an excellent time, we’ve got them on sale at very low prices:

Schmincke     Reg. $5.95   SALE $2.99
Holbein     Reg. $4.00  SALE $2.25
Unison (Standard)     Reg. $5.75  SALE $3.25
Unison (Special Colors)    Reg. $7.25  SALE $4.25
Sennelier Soft Pastels     Reg. $5.65 SALE $3.57
Art Spectrum     Reg. $4.80  SALE $2.75
Winsor & Newton    Reg. $3.80  SALE 99¢
Rembrandt     Reg. $4.38 SALE $2.56
Pitt Pastel Pencils    Reg. $2.50  SALE $1.99
Carbothello Pastel Pencils    Reg. $1.85  SALE $1.50
NuPastel Semi-soft Pastel Sticks    Reg. $1.30  SALE 89¢
Polychromos Semi-soft Pastel Sticks   Reg. $2.80 SALE $1.39

If you have any friends who are pastel artists, let them know! 🙂


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