For the self loving Christmas shopper…

English: Robert Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

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One for you and one for the closest friend on your shopping list:

Amethyst – Stone of Spirituality – brings calmness and clarity; get in touch with feelings
and values. Especially aids sobriety for all addictions. Cleanses, purifies,and fosters
spiritual awareness, contentment, peace, stability, serenity, forgiveness, and tolerance.
Aquamarine – Stone of courage and serenity. Soothes fears, releases anxiety, combats
depression. Fosters confidence, purpose, serenity, peace, cleansing, communication,
Citrine – Stone of success. First step stone to 12 step AA – to support you on your
journey and keep you on the path to success. Fosters self confidence, personal power,
self-discipline, prosperity, creativity, strength, energy, mental and emotional clarity,
willpower, and optimism.
Onyx – The stone of self mastery or self-control – a grounding stone. Fosters strength,
constancy, courage, and self control. Protects and helps in letting go. Repels negative
Peridot – Stone of emotional healing and a money stone. Fosters emotional balance;
heals damaged egos; helps us move past the hurt and understand our relationships.
Fosters happiness, relieves anxiety and depression, promotes sleep.
Quartz Crystal – Energizer and amplifier. Most powerful and versatile multi-purpose
healing stone. Fosters healing and self esteem and amplifies the energies of all other
stones. Boosts emotional energy. Empowers.
Mother of Pearl – Attracts prosperity, protects against negativism, grounding. Increases
intuition and stimulates creativity.


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