5 ingredients

5 ingredients for my creative  lifestyle:

1. authentic

standing in line at bed, bath and beyond for another white set of pillow cases…my mind dazes off into my dreamland of sickening logic, while i grazingly (that’s an ashley word) scan the wall plastered with rows and rows of art.  behind the checker, it cannot go unseen.  this a gallery of sort.  across america, like the hallmark cards for every holiday, divided by style or color; these pieces hang.  i can’t do it.  they are mass produced and meaningless. tbc

2. disciplined

waking up in the morning is a beautiful thing most of the time.  the birds are singing it’s a new day… the world is your oyster ashley.  i’m already in thought…what five  things to write down in my journal i am grateful for and why?  and how am i going to put  joy into the stream of life?

3. focused

ps…someone is peering in at my blog and is trying to copy what i’m writing about…sigh…it’ll never work for him.  he’s a bbbyuk.(bed, bath, and beyond yuk)  not authentic.  you will see how when i get back to this one.  i’m too bothered to write on it and i like peace when i write.  i’m going to go listen to the bird’s.  they are authentic.  as with life, you ever notice wherever you go there’s a squawky annoying bird? I do not like roosters.  They are great if your in bed depressed because every time you wake up it’s cockleing.

4. open-minded

open eyes, ears, and a closed mouth. i can hear myself breathe amidst the chatter by’s and hum filled avenues lanes. i look up once in a while and smile as the wind brings on a sense of peace…(i’m still in a thing with my daughter. she say’s i’m a hippie, i don’t think so.)…she’s 15, she’s suppose to push little button’s.
ps, i’ll have to check on this hippie thing. after all, i have been known to be wrong.

alright…i’m back and i’m a pinch hippie…smile…
i love that daughter of mine. she keeps me in check.

why is the world in such a hurry?…i am open-minded to this boggling question i often watch and wonder about.
i have an incline, but for me…being open minded is to have my own opinion and not try to share it with you if you
don’t ask for it and if some person has an opinion…“thank you very much, i’ll consider that.” bu bye… that’s it.

yes this is the third paragraph, but in honor of my two english teachers in college, i’m putting them last. (this paragraph belongs at the top…))in film writing some of the thought’s are nice to hear(
the first and foremost ideal of being open-minded is to forget everything you think about yourself and just do what your heart tells you to do next…deep deep down, when i get in touch with myself…i am my most authentic self. it all comes out in the laundryxxxxxx i mean art…

5. purposeful

to be on purpose…my screen writing teacher would say this often. what is the purpose of what you are (writing) or i will say here…doing. make it meaningful. bring humanity back. there is not enough humanity in the world today.  how am i and my talent going to enrich the lives of others?