i would love to say, “duct tape and shellac.” one of these day’s it will happen…i’ll be sipping some fun iced drink and my mouth will blurt it out.
if you don’t know what your medium is, watch out. there are these hawks on the streets you might run into…ready to prey on those who haven’t chosen an exact medium to label themselves. the best answer is, “i’m not sure yet, what’s yours?” and then let them get long winded about themselves. usually works like a charm.
i really love most mediums…it’s like the toppings at the yogurt cafe downtown. i don’t want to eat them all together, but most of them are yummy. so i decide each time i go to get a yogurt what i’m craving to taste that day…
i’m stoked to be an artist. i’ve decided for the self-esteem sake of being in the life of a ‘starving artist…i’m not too big and i’m not too small…i’m medium.
…and a few little drops of crazy glue really doesn’t bother me anymore.

in our home it’s usually, “what could we do with this?”