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i love moleskine journal’s

This is a visual inventory of what I have produced. Please enjoy.



Photography has been a constant in my life.  My first camera was a Polaroid and I thought I had the world in the palm of my hand, or my armpit.  My grandmother taught me how to stick the photo under my arm to make it develop faster…
Behind the camera is a world of my own.
There is a stillness that takes over me as I become a part of capturing an unforgettable moment.
Grasping a taste of nature around me I find beautiful or just a fun shot.  Photography is a beautiful art and I truly admire many whom are professionals.

About me

I love to share other peoples work that inspires me.  Art is the breath of my life. Participating in competitive writing, art communities, and philanthropic projects keeps me pretty busy.

One breath at a time…