Where imagine happen’s

Entertaining, enriching, and inspiring…art magically touches and expands fertile imagination within

Avenues here and there, which one will I choose now

If I go this way

Will I win

Will I loose

Muddy trails and uuhhgg

Another day of disappointment

Waking up to the pouring rain

Discovering a key

Unlocking the pace in myself for myself

Not my thoughts or feelings

For, neither performs the others function

A sense of self revealed in hearing the sound of myself breathing.

Hearing my spirit and it is calm

No more winning

No more choosing

No more worry or fright

I can love what I do because

I am doing what I do best

Just for today…I am doing “it”

Trusting some mysterious process

As the birds will be about their best on the morrow

I will be there to enjoy them

Trusting in my talent, because it has value

Trusting that I will inspire others, for I and they are of infinite worth

Hoping for any one to find “it” for themselves

Imagine happens

One breath at a time.